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Phase IV: Evaluation

Formal remediation process

If the learner is still not meeting his or her academic goals with the Academic Support Process, a formal remediation must be requested. The steps for this process are as follows:

1.    Contact:

  • Support Team
  • Director of Evaluation
  • Director of Postgraduate Education
  • Postgraduate Program Manager (to secure funding)
  • Coordinator of Foreign Graduates (if applicable)
  • Director of Community Teaching Practices (if applicable)

2.    Meet with resident

3.    Complete remediation contract

  • Remediation contract
  • Signatures required
    • Primary Supervisor
    • Resident
    • Director of Postgraduate Education

4.    Give resident document outlining appeals mechanism

5.    Complete final outcome of remediation

  • Complete pages 5 and 6 of the remediation contract at the end of the remediation period. Outline future directions and obtain signatures to confirm all have read the summary.
  • Once again, give the resident the Appeals mechanism document, as necessary.

***Regular and frequent contact with the support team and department is encouraged when resident is on a formal remediation contract.

You have now reached the end of the process.

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